The majority of the world's rum production occurs in and around the Caribbean - for good reason. The sun. More rum is made there than anywhere else – and there are probably more spontaneous beach parties there than anywhere else too.

The legend

How rum first came to be made is pretty much a mystery but there is a popular Caribbean legend. Sometime in the 1500’s at a hard case sugar plantation a pile of molasses had fermented in the hot Jamaican sun – and turned into the first delicious tasting rum. Since that happy accident - rum was distilled to perfection, eventually being aged in oak barrels for the whole world to enjoy.

Perfect for any party

Whether true or not, we do know for sure that great rum has been around for a very long time. It was a favourite of partying pirates in the 1600’s, and now it’s a favourite with almost everyone (especially kiwis).

Jamaica was the first country to produce rum on a commercial basis. It is regarded as the home of true rums like New Zealand’s favourite – Coruba.

Today, the rum from the sun is still perfect for any party.

Now, enough with the history lesson. Let’s get back to enjoying the present – click here for some cool Coruba mixes for your next shin-dig.

Coruba - The Rum From the Sun